Camano Island, Washington
Anne Taylor


5 tandori

Anne Taylor is an excellent realtor. She is a very service-oriented and knowledgeable real estate professional who has displayed exceptional integrity and patience. She has gone beyond the call of duty for us, and I would recommend her to anyone seeking real estate in Washington State. Anne has investigated properties both inside and outside of Island County for us, and her knowledge of the real estate market across Washington state is exceptional. She does thorough research, aggressively protects her clients’ interests, and provides immediate service. She has also been very patient with us. On a personal side, Anne is extremely pleasant and is an interesting person to talk to!!! I highly recommend her services

5 user8907486

Anne Taylor was very helpful in our most recent home purchase. It was a short sale and there was nothing short about it. It was a long ordeal and she educated us with information on that process. Her thorough knowledge of the real estate business and professionalism really helped us make a good offer and stick with it through this four month period. She is nice to work with not pushy listened to our needs and guided us through this purchase. I recommend her to those needing a responsible, professional reliable real estate agent. We would use her services again. Connie Swan

5 user99046249

Anne is an exceptionally committed professional who took time to really understand the very specific type of home and property we were looking for, even patiently working around my busy travel schedule to show us homes.

When we made an offer on a bankruptcy/short-sale, Anne shone as our advocate, shrewd negotiator, and patient pursuer of endless forms. The process was so long and convoluted that we ended up finding a better option. In spite of all the work she had already put in on the previous property, Anne didn’t miss a beat when we withdrew our offer and switched to the new one.

Throughout, she was always prompt about communicating with us and returning our communications. We feel a real personal connection with her and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to actually enjoy the process of buying a house.

We just moved into our beautiful new waterfront home. Of course, we plan to have Anne help us sell our other house when we are ready to let it go!

5 user9192909

Anne Taylor is a true real estate professional; I cannot say enough about her! Below is an excerpt from a letter I sent after meeting with her to look at Camano properties:

“I want to thank you so much for your time and the insights that you shared with us. You have the ideal personality to be selling real estate and we felt very comfortable dealing with you. I would highly recommend you to anyone wishing to locate on Camano.”

Anne really tried to understand our needs, accommodate our wishes, and give us all of the important information that we needed to choose a retirement property on Camano Island. She is clearly a people person, very intuitive and accommodating, putting her client at ease with her amazing knowledge of island life (she’s lived there for quite awhile). We felt so comfortable during the time that we spent with her that we wouldn’t dream of dealing with anyone else on Camano Island. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!

B.J. Young

5 tonygreenheck

I really enjoyed working with Anne Taylor for many reasons that are so important to be an excellent real estate agent. She always positive, friendly, listens very carefully and gave me excellent feedback. I recommend her highly to any client looking for homes and property.

5 rivercat773

I was lucky enough to meet Anne in 2005 and we became friends. Over the next several years I was able to watch her work on many occasions. She has also shown us property when we were thinking of moving. Ultimately we decided to stay where we are for now; however, I would never consider working with anyone but Anne when we do move.

From the beginning she impressed me with her knowledge, professionalism and integrity. Her depth of knowledge in real estate and the Island communities are a huge asset to her clients. Anne is always her client’s advocate. She listens to what they want, asks questions, then puts together a plan, or two, to get them there. She has tremendous business and negotiating skills and is fierce in protecting her client’s interests.

Add to this a quick mind, a positive attitude, a great sense of humor and an absolute tenacity in serving her clients and you have the consummate real estate professional. You also have someone you can spend hours with while looking at properties and enjoy the time you spent. As a person, and as someone who can help you find your perfect house, I recommend Anne with no reservations.

5 debtoynbee

From the first time that I contacted Ann Taylor quickly provided information on hotels in the area and offered to help with any other concerns I might have. Upon speaking with her after my arrival she gave me an appointment quickly with very good directions from the hotel to her office. She showed me the property I wanted to view and other similar properties so I could get an idea of the layout of the island. The property we eventually purchased was ideal. She was very patient and helpful in coming up with an offer and showing me comparable properties. Once our offer was accepted I returned to Houston and again Anne was there for us the whole time. She provided a list of property inspectors and kept us informed of all the pertinent details regarding financing, and legalities. This was very helpful. Each time we proceeded to the next step of acquisition, she called and updated me with all the details. Hands down, she was wonderful and I feel like I’ve made a friend on Camano out of a complete stranger. One I can trust as a thorough, time conscious, informative source and honest professional person to do business with. I would highly recommend Ann to anyone looking to relocate to this area. Her love for and knowledge of the area is wonderful and a great asset.

5 user4009867

Anne did a fantastic job of patiently working with us to not only find our property, but to help us figure out just what we wanted among so many possibilities.

5 fiddlehorse

Anne is a top-notch, full service realtor. She guided us through a land purchase/construction loan on Camano Island and her friendly professional manner made the process easier at every turn. If you’re looking for local knowledge, real estate expertise, honesty, and an agent who will truly represent you, we highly recommend Anne.

5 al fortune

Anne Taylor is a very personable and competent Real Estate Professional. She is very attentive to the homeowner’s needs, concerns and special requests. As our agent, Anne demonstrated exceptional skill with the negotiation and sale of our home. Our home sale was a challenge in the sense that we were out of state sellers and unable to travel to our home prior to the sale. Anne assisted us with contacting local contractors to make necessary minor repairs and helped to ensure all work was done satisfactory. Additionally, when it came time to pack up the home and prepare for the new buyers, Anne went the extra mile not only recommending moving resources but, assisted our family members working on our behalf to make ready for the new owners. Anne’s professionalism, local knowledge and “Good Neighbor” attitude are wonderful attributes that make it a pleasure to work with her. I would highly recommend her as a Real Estate Professional!

5 rkkgorman

We were unfamiliar with Camano Island when we decided to buy a home here. We needed someone who knew the community and the properties. What good fortune it was that we met Anne Taylor. Anne’s knowledge of Camano Island real estate, her professionalism and integrity were immediately apparent. Anne listened to our needs and wishes for our new home and worked with us throughout the process to secure it. We recommend Anne to anyone in the market for a home on Camano Island.

5 docombie

Anne worked diligently with us to find the perfect property. She was never pushy or impatient. She sent us new listings each week and listened to our preferences and went to preview each property so that she knew what we would be seeing. She provided names of potential tradesmen/professionals to help us navigate the feasibility study. She fit our style and we couldn’t have asked for better service.

5 tandori

If you need a buyer’s agent who you can thoroughly trust to act in your best interests, Anne Taylor is an excellent choice. Trust was our number one criteria for selecting an agent. If you do not have an agent you can trust, then it is very difficult to make good decisions and sort out the various options available to you in completing a real estate transaction. Anne’s thorough knowledge of a tight real estate market will give you the edge you need to accomplish your goals. Anne is an excellent negotiator and a very patient and detail-oriented professional who makes her client’s best interests her number one priority. In our real estate transactions, Anne was very knowledgeable and explained the advantages and disadvantages to pursing various ways to solve issues that arose with inspections. She was very patient with us in our decision-making processes. On a personal level, Anne treats everyone with respect and upholds the highest ethical standards. She is an excellent choice for anyone looking for real estate in Washington State.

5 rsvppr

Anne Taylor was referred to us from a mutual friend who lives on the island so we felt very comfortable working with her from the start. However, she out performed any expectations we may have had of what a good realtor is all about. She was extremely diligent in helping us find a perfect home and very knowledgeable about the island. She responded quickly to all messages and went way out of her way to help make the process as easy as possible. We would recommend her to anyone without hesitation.

5 loy1295

My experience working with Anne to purchase a home on Camano Island could not have been better. Anne is highly professional, very knowledgeable in every aspect of Camano Island real estate, and a good listener – – she pays attention to her what her clients say and how they react. It took several home viewings in different parts of the island to help me form concrete ideas of what I wanted. At times, it would get frustrating and I would feel that it must certainly be a burden for Anne, but she always reassured me that “it’s a process” and to be patient because it takes time. Anne provided guidance and valuable insight for making offers on two different properties, each one different in terms of length of time on the market, location and investment. Through this process Anne really demonstrated her depth of knowledge and experience; she offered very different advice for each property, and in each case, she was correct. When it comes to making a decision and an offer, Anne’s experience is invaluable and you can count on her keeping your best interest a number one priority. She follows through on every detail from start to finish, including working with the escrow company to make sure every “i” is dotted and “t” crossed. I highly recommend Anne to anyone looking to buy property on Camano Island. If you want a realtor who will represent you with the highest level of integrity and respect, Anne is the realtor you want working for you.

5 dguenther07

For the sale process for our high-bank home with an incredible view, it was helpful to have a real estate professional who really knew the area and the market for this type of residence. Anne was always there to help us with the stages of the sale and was always adaptable to our situation. We would recommend her without qualifications for your home sale needs in the Camano Island area.

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